Platform features
Our philosophy is simple. Just like the Fire and EMS industry, we provide you with the tools to complete your task as efficiently as possible. Using our website management platform makes having a professional website as easy as throwing on your bunker pants and grabbing the first truck out.
Monthly Service Fee - $30.00
This price includes all of the features listed below and much more!
Storage Space - 1000 MB
Store thousands of news events, calls, photos, and more.
Unlimited Updates
Update your website in real time, as often as you like. Post news as it happens! Add calls as soon as you return to the station!
Accept Online Donations
Accept donations via PayPal™ directly from your website (requires a free PayPal™ account).
Apparatus Gallery
Everyone loves fire trucks. You have fire trucks. People want to see them. Show your visitors pictures and details about your Fire and Rescue apparatus. Include the make, model, and any other features you want to show your visitors. Show me how this looks.
Banner Ads
Banner ads are advertisements displayed on a web page. You can place banner ads on your website that represent your sponsors, special events, or anything you want seen on every page. If you offer banner ad space for sale to your community businesses, this can be a revenue-producing tool for your department. It is worth noting that banner ad revenue across the internet is above 50 billion dollars annually and consistently rising.
Banner ads are everywhere on the internet. On our platform they are typically image files that can either be uploaded or linked to elsewhere on the internet. The banner ads will rotate randomly at the top and bottom of each page, if enabled.
Publish upcoming events in your events calendar. Meetings, training, and fundraising events are just a few of the items you could include here. All calendars allow the visitor to add your events to the calendar on their device. Show me how this looks.
Call History
Show the world your department doing what it does best. Publish information and images about your call history. Include an article and pictures describing the call. Keep this section updated and your website will have continuous traffic. Show me how this looks.
Call Volume
Show your call volume totals for each year. Calls can be broken down by year, month, and type of call (Fire, EMS, RIT, etc...). Our system shows the visitor your call volumes in yearly tables and graphical format. Show me how this looks.
Contact Page
The contact page allows your website visitors to fill out a contact form that will deliver to your email address. Show me how this looks.
Custom Calendars
Calendars for any occasion. As many as you need. All calendars allow the visitor to add your events to the calendar on their device.
Custom Forms
Create your own customized HTML forms within your website to solicit information from your visitors. Create forms on private pages that only your logged in members can access. This can be useful for creating volunteer applications, hall rental requests, event registrations, vehicle checks, and more.
Custom Pages
Create your own customized HTML pages within your website. Custom pages can contain images, links, etc. and integrate seamlessly into your website.
Department Email
Have up to 100 email accounts for your website (addresses that end in ''). You can set up email addresses to either deliver to a mailbox on our system or to forward automatically to an offsite email address.
We offer several ways of accessing your mailbox:
  • Use any standard mail client software (such as Outlook)
  • Connect your mobile devices or tablets email program
  • Access the mail with a web browser
  • Have external sources (such as Gmail) connect to your mailbox to fetch mail
We can even point all of your mail traffic to an external host, such as Google or Office365. This is a fairly common setup that we encourage as it gives you the features of the given external services mail platform, while using our service for your website. Many customers already have existing mail accounts in place when they sign up for our service.
Typical email scenarios
  • You can create mail for all of your members that will end in
  • Have forward to all of your officers personal email addresses
  • Set up to forward to all of your members mobile devices
  • You optionally host and manage your email with Office365 or Gmail and manage it there
ERG Search
The Emergency Response Guide (ERG) is a guide for first responders during the initial phase of a dangerous goods or hazardous materials incident. The ERG is searchable by product name or product ID number. Show me how this looks.
File Library
The file library allows you to upload files to either share with your website visitors or share only with the members of your organization. Store your SOP's, SOG's, and any other related data here. Files can be accessed by the public or restricted to your members at any time. Show me how this looks.
Fire Glossary
The fire glossary contains over 500 terms specific to the fire industry and is searchable by name or keywords. Show me how this looks.
Manage entries made in your website guestbook. All entries made by your visitors are subject to your approval before being visible on the website. Show me how this looks.
Hit Counter
Watch as your website hit count grows with each new visitor. We also offer more in-depth statistics such as your most viewed pages, hits for the month, year, and more.
Home Page Audio
Have audio on the home page of your website. This could be your pager tones, recorded radio traffic, or any other audio file.
The journal is a place where you can create a running series of entries on virtually any subject.
Links Gallery
Add links to your favorite Fire and EMS websites or any other websites here. The more links you have listed, the more visibility your website will have on internet search engines. Show me how this looks.
Members Gallery
The members list is a great way for you to both list your members on your website and keep track of their contact information. Members of your Fire or EMS organization can establish and maintain their own profiles on your website. In addition, members are also able to download various documents (such as SOP's, SOG's, or meeting minutes) that the public cannot access. Show me how this looks.
Nationwide Fire News
Fire news and articles from around the country updated automatically. Show me how this looks.
News & Events
Publish news and general public information with our News Publisher. Easy to use HTML editing tools make publishing your news and events almost effortless. Show me how this looks.
Online Store
Using our Online Store feature will easily allow you to sell your products on your website and accept all major credit cards via PayPal™ (requires a free PayPal™ account).
Picture Gallery
Upload your photos to your picture gallery. Show your visitors pictures of training exercises, fundraising events, etc... Categorize each picture to make them easier to find. Show me how this looks.
RSS Feeds
RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a format used to publish frequently updated content such as news headlines or blogs. Using RSS News Feeds on your website will give your content greater exposure on the internet. Our system allow you to both generate your own RSS News Feeds and use RSS News Feeds from other sources that are integrated directly into your website.
Allow visitors to search your website. It's like having your own internet search engine.
Shift Calendar
Easily manage your department shift calendar. The shift calendar uses standard fire department days on / days off scheduling. Show me how this looks.
Social Media
Integrate your Facebook and Twitter timelines into your website. This feature will display your Facebook posts or Twitter tweets instantly on your website.
SSL Certificates
Our platform offers you the ability to install SSL security on you website at any time. An SSL certificate binds a cryptographic key to your website and allows for secure connections between your website and your visitors. The presence of an SSL certificate is what makes the lock icon appear in the address bar of the web browser. With SSL, your website is accessed via https:// instead of http:// indicating the presence of a secure connection. This is the standard in today's internet experience and we are pleased to offer this technology to our customers at no added cost.
Staffing Calendar
The staffing calendar allows logged in members to sign up for staffing on specific days.
The Fallen
This page shows any Line of Duty Deaths that have recently occurred in the fire service.
A Timeline is a series of posts that are displayed in the order that they were created, with the most recent at the top. You can use timelines for a wide variety of subjects. Apparatus builds, special projects, anything that changes or updates over a period of time. The call history and news sections of your website are examples of timelines in action.
Video Gallery
Publish videos to your video gallery. Add video of training exercises, calls, etc... Categorize each video to make them easier to find. Show me how this looks.
Visitor Polls
Gather opinions from your website visitors with our visitor polls. Polls allow you to gauge public sentiment on any subject by creating questionnaires that can be answered on your website. Polls offer you immediate feedback and provide fast and accurate data on any issue. Take surveys of your visitors on any subject and instantly see a graphic visualization of your results.