Frequently asked questions
Can I create pages that are visible only to my members?
Yes. We offer you the ability to create custom pages within your site that can be visible to the public or only visible to logged in members. This can be useful for things such as meeting minutes, internal communications, SOP's etc.
Can I have email with my website?
Yes. Each account comes with up to 100 email accounts that you can use for your domain. You have the option of creating either physical mailboxes or a mail account that forwards email to another address or list of addresses. Physical mailboxes can be accessed via a web browser at:, via an email program, such as Outlook, or mobile device. Forwarding mail accounts have no ability to login as they simply deliver all mail messages on to their forwarding destination and store no data.
Do I have to know the HTML language to use my website?
No. We provide an extensive set of tools that allows our clients to manage their web site without having to know the HTML programming language. If you are familiar with HTML, you will be able to use this to create more advanced features on your site but it is not required that you know HTML. Editing your calls, articles, etc. is as easy as using a tool such as Microsoft Word™.
Do I have to sign a contract to use your service?
No. We bill you automatically based on your sign up date and your selected billing frequency. We choose not to obligate our clients to a long-term contract. You are only obligated to your next billing period.
How do I transfer my domain name?
You will login to your domain registrar (the company that you pay your yearly domain registration). Most domain registrars have a way online for you to change you DNS nameservers. You would simply update the current nameservers with our nameservers. We can assist with this transfer at no cost to you. If you need assistance in transferring your domain name, open a customer support ticket.
How long after I sign up can I begin using my website?
In about 10 minutes. Once you sign up for our service, you will receive an email containing all of the information you need to begin configuring your website including your username and password for the site manager and instructions on how to make your site live on the internet.
What DNS Nameservers should my website use?
DNS Nameserver:
DNS Nameserver:
What happens if I exceed my disk space usage?
Once you reach 95% of your allotted disk space, a notification email is sent. If you exceed your disk space limit, we automatically upgrade your account and give you an additional 200MB of disk space for an additional $5.00 monthly. This ensures that you will always have the space available that your website demands.
What is your setup fee for getting my website started?
We are pleased to offer our service with NO setup fees.